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Two new groupeez announced: 2016 Create & the FREE dewzee weekly coaching lab. Click the purple groupeez bubble below to learn more!

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the experiment

dewzee encourages you to experiment with your life in order to find your own formula for a happy, fulfilling, successful life.

The cool thing about experiments? There's no success or failure! You simply do the experiment and observe what happens. If you like what happens, do more of it.

If not, leave it behind and move on to the next thing.

It's as simple as that!

View the Experiment of the Week!

experiment of the week

Change is hard...experiments are fun!

Be the mad scientist of your own life. Experiment until you find the right mix of what works for you!

Instead of committing to making a big change, why not try something once? No big commitment...just a one time deal.

Don't believe what some expert tells you, try it for yourself. Experience what it's like to do or be something different. If you like it, do more of it. If not, leave it in the dust. You decide!

How did this experiment go for you? Share your results with the rest of us! Tell us what happened or post a video HERE.

about dewzee


No one can tell you what's right for your life except for YOU and the best way to do that is through first-hand experience.

dewzee is here to provide a safe, fun, whimsical and imperfect place to experiment with your life.  It's here to help you find the right formula to live your definition of a happy, fulfilled and successful life.

dewzee believes that this personal growth and discovery stuff doesn't have to be can be fun.

One insight can change the course of your life forever. dewzee experiments, courses, coaching and other resources are here to create the environment for these insights to sprout.

experiment. grow. thrive

And have FUN doing it!

About the founder

dewzee_caracature trans.png

Hi, I'm Laura, founder of I want to welcome you personally to my lab and invite you to experiment along with me.

dewzee is a labor of love from me to you. Here's why...

I got sober (alcohol) in 2003. Prior to that I was an introverted, closed, eternally-single, shameful, successful-on-the-ouside woman, locking myself away from the world.

My life has changed so profoundly since I found the courage to get help, I barely recognize the person I just described. Today I'm open, loving, purposeful, deeply happy and married to the love of my life.

I know the power of help. I know the power that a single shift in thinking can have. I know the power of experimentation and tools. I know the power of community. I know the power of coaching. I know the power of faith. I know the power of love.

I am a product of all that and more.

dewzee is here to share that power with YOU!

With love,



Fun, FREE tools to help you find your very own formula for a happy, fulfilling and successful life.

dewzee offers many levels of engagement. You can dip your toe into finding your formula with these videos, experiments, processes & worksheets...all specially designed to help you learn the stuff no one taught us in school.

If you want to go deeper and learn more about a subject you're interested in...most freebeez have a quickee or selfee suggested afterward. Explore those if you're ready to up your commitment to your Self.

We never pretend to know it all at dewzee. Only you can decide what's right for you. Take what you like and leave the rest!

See the freebeez!



Snapshot of Your LifeSometimes we're so busy IN our lives, we forget to work ON our lives. This freebee will help you stop down to take a look at your current life and help you ask some questions that may help you get a better idea of what's working and not working. Get the freebee HERE


Dealing with Difficult People - You know those people? The ones that get under your skin? We can find them at work, home, socially…anywhere. This freebee offers a whimsical and wonderful way to deal with them more successfully. Get the freebee HERE


Are you Upset? - Are you angry, frustrated or upset? This simple process will serve you well. Use it anytime you have some sort of emotional upset. Good stuff. Get the freebee HERE


A Peek at Passion & Purpose - What’s my purpose? How do I deal with emotions that come up in my day? How are those two things related? Listen to this fun fable and gain valuable insights into these questions and more. Get the freebee HERE


One Path to Love - Looking for love in all the wrong places? This fun fable just might help you find the right place. Get the freebee HERE


If you are enjoying the dewzee experiments and freebeez, you'll love quickeez. They are designed to offer more insights and even deeper transformation, all the while being super affordable.

Consider them fun, mini-courses that can offer a big bang to the quality your life.

quickeez are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Grow better!

See the quickeez!



What the Bleep Do I Want?  In the works!


Dealing With Difficult People  In the works!


Which quickee would YOU like to take first?  Add your vote here!


Now you're getting serious about your growth. Yay! It's fun isn't it?

selfeez are designed to be taken over hours, days or weeks, depending on the subject matter.

dewzee has found that it's not just about being exposed to new's also about the time between the exposures. The new stuff needs time to marinate in your mind and consciousness to truly be effective.

selfeez give you not only time to practice your new skills, but the space and time to let it all sink in.

I acknowledge you for your commitment to thrive!

See the selfeez!



The Art of Listening  In the works!


Stress Less!  In the works!


Which selfee would YOU like to take first?  Add your vote here!


If you like learning with others, groupeez are for you!

groupeez are virtual classes, and the only dewzee courses with specific start and end dates.

There are two flavors of groupeez: Those that allow for unlimited attendance and those with an attendance cap, designed for an intimate group to work closely with me over time.

Each groupeez description will clearly state its format.

Come back often or join the dewzee community so you'll know when the next groupee begins!

See the groupeez!



FREE dewzee weekly coaching lab

The ultimate free groupie. Join us each Tuesday at noon pacific time to receive coaching on anything that is on your mind. Click HERE for full details.


2016 Creation: Your optimal year ahead

Instead of stumbling into the New Year on the heels of the busy holiday season… what if this year you did something different? What if you made your Self a priority and mapped out time to consider the year ahead? This in-person groupee will take place in the local mountains of Southern California. Click HERE for full details.  


Stress Less: The holiday edition 

Enjoy the magic of the season rather than waking up in January feeling like you've been hit by a truck. You'll leave this groupee with concrete tools to help you stress less, not just in the months ahead, but well beyond.

Already in progress, sorry you missed it!




If you blossom best with individual attention, onezeez are for you.

Schedule one-on-one coaching with me (Laura).

A little about my coaching: You're not broken and you don't need fixing. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I believe that you have all the inner wisdom you need to live an amazing life...sometimes you just get a little stuck.

My job is to pull that inner wisdom out of you. I do that two ways: Through deep listening and through asking provocative questions that really make you think. 

Coaching is a partnership. Miracles happen when a highly committed client and a highly committed coach work together.

One insight can change your life entirely. I know because I'm living proof.

Learn more about onezeez!

onezee prerequisites:

  • Be willing to take responsibility for your own life (not be a victim)
  • Come in with a meaningful issue that you want to work with
  • Be willing to get out of the story and into the solution
  • Be willing to be open and vulnerable
  • Make the session(s) a priority: fully present in a quiet, uninterrupted space

If this is you, there is currently only one way to work with me at dewzee:

onezee: 60-90 minutes one-on-one coaching with me. Our only agenda: Your life. Learn more HERE 



thank you!

Special thanks to Steve Chandler for showing me the power of experimentation.

Thanks also to: Alcoholics Anonymous Alfred Jacobs Allison Crow Flanigan Amy Johnson Briggs Whiteford Carolyn Freyer Jones Clara Naum Dan Dillon David Couper God Jason Goldberg Katie Beckett Mel Warner Michelle Bauman Monica Day Nicholas Ryan Howard Rafael Bejarano Randal Hughes Rich Litvin Robert Holden Ron & Mary Hulnick Rory Cohen Simon Crowe Spryte Loriano Steve Standlea Tom Simms University Of Santa Monica Wayne Dyer Yaron Engler